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In August it will be one year since the launch of Chiranjeevi’s 151st movie ‘Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy’. Though the regular shooting of the movie began in December last year, it hit speed breakers, affecting the progress of the movie. Director Surender Reddy did the first schedule for 10 days but he is taking about three to four months for the second schedule. Though it is not Surender Reddy’s fault but is it not his responsibility? The shooting of Sye Raa which  moved at snail’s pace so far is said to be gathering  pace from this month.

Sye Raa schedule is beginning on June 7 in Hyderabad and will continue at a stretch for 40 days. The film makers have assured that come what may, this time the stretch will not break.

The reason for the decision not to break the shooting is the plan to release the film during summer to cash in on the holiday season. It is said that Surender Reddy has fixed the target of releasing Sye Raa at any cost during the summer. As part of this, the entire Sye Raa team is working hard. It is learnt that during this 40-day schedule, scenes with night effect will be filmed.

Producer and director feel that the craze over Sye Raa may die down and hence after completing this 40-day schedule they reportedly plan to release the first look on August 22 that is on Chiranjeevi’s birthday. Megastar’s birthday itself is like a festival for his fans. The release of new movie’s look on birthday will be a double treat.  Many Sye Raa looks may have come out but the real joy will be when official first look is released. In this film, Nayanatara and Tamanna are playing the main female characters with Chiru.  Actors from other regional films are also playing key roles.

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