Pawan too hits at the Janma Bhoomi committees

With Chandrababu Naidu in power, the Janma Bhomi committees at the village level play key role in delivering the welfare schemes. This has been there from the earlier term of Chandrababu Naidu and was resumed after he had returned to power in 2014, after a gap of 10 years. These Janma Bhoomi  committees supersede the elected gram panchayat committee headed by sarpanch and ward members.

It is the Janma Bhoomi committees that identify the developmental works to be taken up in the village and the beneficiaries to receive government welfare schemes from time to time. The committees are constituted mostly with the Telugu Desam Party of that village and thus the selection of the beneficiaries would mostly are picked up from the TDP ranks.

The Janma Bhoomi committees thus have become an eye of storm with the non-TDP parties criticizing them every time. Now, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had joined the team hitting hard at these committees. As these committees also decide on the sand quarrying and supplying, it hits majority of the people in the village and the sand mining becomes an issue for the Opposition to counter. While other parties criticize these committees, Jana Sena chief made an appeal to the people to fight against those committees and see that the democratically elected gram panchayats are given powers to play the role.

But, Chandrababu Naidu’s plank to reach out to the people is to make maximum use of these Janma Bhoomi committees during his tenure and to use their services at the time of elections. It is these committees that help Chandrababu Naidu in mobilizing votes and it is through these committees that Naidu executes his election strategy. Whether Pawan Kalyan speaks or Jaganmohan Reddy faults, Chandrababu Naidu will not dissolve these committees and they would be part of his administration

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