Fitness of country’s economy is important Modi ji

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had released a couple of videos relating to his physical fitness exercises from his official home in the national capital. He also threw an open challenge to Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumara Swamy and other senior officials of the country to prove their fitness. While he did this in reply to cricketer Virat Kohli’s fitness challenge a month ago, Karnataka Chief Minister had given befitting reply to the Prime Minister. The Karnataka Chief Minister had said given a fitting reply to Narendra Modi’s challenge stating that his prime concern was the fitness of the State, while the secondary concern is body fitness.

It was a hard-hitting reply from Kumara Swamy to Narendra Modi, if the latter is ready to listen to him or to the people. Fitness of the country is more important and Narendra Modi had given it up in the last four years. He had destroyed the country’s economy in a hurriedly taken decision of demonetisation. Though he had promised to set things in order in just 50 days  he didn’t set the economy in order till date

The country’s economy was so strong that it withstood the two global recessions recently, but could not sustain the demonetisation. The banks remain cashless and the ATMs stand empty even today. There is no money with the people too and the small trade, on which Indian economy sustains mostly, is crippled while Modi sails with the corporates.

The demonetisation was promised to curb the black money, but shockingly those who hoard black money were the first to receive the new currency notes replacing their old ones and some of them got this done directly from the Reserve Bank of India or the RBI’s printing press. Modi did not act on this showing his uncompromising support to the corporate sector at the cost of the common people.

After the demonetisation, the major hit that Narendra Modi had hit the nation was the GST. The new taxation that he had introduced had disturbed the retail business across the country. The big players in the trade are enjoying the benefits while the small players, on whom the country’s economy depends, are suffering and struggling.

On these two counts – demonetisation and GST – Narendra Modi had given up the fitness of the country to the wind. While it took 70 years for the country and the people to have the world’s strongest economy,

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