Will Kalyan Dev emerge victorious?

It is believed that anybody from Mega gamily makesa  grand debut in Tollywood. However, Megastar’s younger son-in-law Kalyan Dev, who played a boy struggling for job in ‘Middle Class Abbayi’, is making a simple entry. Films mean life for Kalyan Dev, who married Srija to become son-in-law of a famous family. That’s why he is making a debut with the blessings of his father-in-law.

‘Vijetha’ under the direction of Rakesh Sashi, Kalyan Dev as hero and Malavika Nair as heroine will be released next month. Kalyan Dev is coming before audience as ‘Vijetha’ with the support of Mega family amid high expectations. The film unit on Tuesday released the teaser.

In this film about the problems of a middle class family, the relationship between father and son and the sacrifice made by the hero for the sake of his love, Kalyan Dev’s acting looks okay. Murali Sharma has acted as Kalyan Dev’s father. In simple words, the film is a story of father and son in a middle class family. ‘Vijetha’ teaser with the emotional dialogues between the father and son is good. Murali Sharma tells his son “One should live the life with some compromise..it’s a must…Still to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you, I selected the route of your liking and to ensure that you are happy, since your childhood I have been giving you what you wanted…I can’t do anything more. You are going to interviews and coming back. How long this will continue”. To this Kalyan Dev says “I will see Daddy..I am not getting the job anywhere”. His irresponsible reply impresses all.

Like always Malavika Nair has appeared in a traditional look. The track between Kalyan Dev and Malavika Nair also looks okay. In his debut film, Kalyan Dev looks okay as an actor but he showed clarity in dialogue delivery. Let us hope that with father-in-law’s title ‘Vijetha’, he will have a long inning in the industry as the victor.

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