YSR Congress rules out alliance in the State

The YSR Congress had categorically ruled out the possibility of having alliance with any party in the coming elections. Party chief Jaganmohan Reddy had made it clear in an interview to the national English daily – Hindustan Times – recently. He said his party was not looking for any alliance as he is confident of his victory this time. He claimed that he lost the power in the last elections in just a simple margin with the TDP, BJP and Pawan Kalyan teaming up against him. Now that these three parties are divided, their vote share too will get divided while his vote share remained intact. This would give him a clear victory in the elections.

The view was reiterated by the party former MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, where he said that there was no need for the YSR Congress to have any alliance with any party. He blamed the BJP and the TDP equally responsible for the injustice done to the State in the last four years. As the two parties, BJP and TDP, were in alliance for the past four years, they should take the blame equally.

Mekapati categorically stated that the TDP cannot claim any credit for the fight on bifurcation issues as it was part of the BJP in denying the same. “Just because Chandrababu Naidu broke up with the BJP now, a few months before the next round of elections and raises his voice, his claim cannot be justified. He has to take the blame equally and people are aware of the facts,” Rajamohan Reddy said.

Given this statement, it is clear that the YSR Congress is planning to go all out blaming the Congress for bifurcation and the TDP and BJP equally for the injustice done to the State after the bifurcation in the last four years. Hitting at these three parties is set to be the YSR Congress party’s election campaign mode and the party banks on getting greater mileage.

But, as far as the vote share it is expecting this time, there is some difference. Last time people were angry with the Congress and they were divided in backing the YSR Congress and the TDP. But, in the last four years, the Congress had recovered to some extent and its vote share is likely to go up to 5 per cent next time. If this happens and the Congress gets this vote share, it would be the YSR Congress which is set to lose and that would harm its prospects.

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