Jagan in dilemma over Rajahmundry politics

YSRCP chief’s entry into East Godavari district was like hero’s entry in a film. When Jagan with people accompanying him reached Rajahmundry road-cum-rail bridge was swinging. After his visit, Rajahmundry politics is looking like the bridge. Former chief minister and former governor K. Rosaiah’s disciple former chairman of APIIC Srikagollapu Sivarama Subrahmanyam made all arrangements to join YSRCP in the presence of Jagan. However, it is learnt that city coordinator and former MLA R. Suryaprakash Rao put the brakes on his entry by cautioning the leadership that this will intensify internal fighting in the party. Since Subrahmanyam is a contender of YSRCP ticket, Suryaprakash Rao had been making efforts to persuade Jagan not to admit him into the party and that’s why his entry into the party was getting delayed.

With Y V Subbareddy’s assurance Subrahmanyam decided to join YSRCP at Mummidivaram. Later, Subbareddy and Kudupudi Chittabbai met Suryaprakash Rao and Subrahmanyam but their efforts to pacify both sides backfired. During this meeting, Sbrahmanyam asked whether the party has decided Rajahmundry ticket. To this, they replied nothing has been decided. Subrahmanyam then reported to have said that he will work for the victory of candidate decided by the party after a public survey. There is talk in YSRCP circles that Suryaprakash Rao pulled a face on this.

It is being said that the former MLA used a video as a weapon to stall Subrahmanyam’s entry into YSRCP. Somebody had recorded Subrahmanyam talking to his friends in his office and making certain comments on Suryaprakash. Suryaprakash placed this video before YSRCP leadership and asked why it want to admit Subrahmanyam into the party to create a competition for him. This put the temporary brakes on Subrahmanyam’s entry into the party.

The latest developments angered Subrahmanyam’s group. His friends called a meeting to fire at YSRCP Rajahmundry coordinator. Subrahmanyam made hot comments during this meeting. He said that Jagan gave him personal appointment and he will tell everything to him. He remarked that sneakingly taking videos and backbiting is not his politics. He wondered why conditions are being laid when he said that he will unconditionally join the party. He claimed that he received offers from Jana Sena, which was ready to welcome him with redcarpet but because of the relations with Rajasekhara Reddy he wanted to join YSRCP. He said he wanted to join the party with the wish that Jagan become the chief minister and the state prosper but the actions of some leaders have hurt him. He said that he has all the details of the wrongdoings committed by YSRCP coordinator during 12 years as MLA but he is not revealing this in the interest of the party. He warned that if necessary he will speak out publicly. He also claimed that he can make 10,000 people YSRCP members in just 24 hours. He said that YSRCP has no network in half of the wards in Rajahmundry.

Subrahmanyam gave clarity on his entry at a media conference. Subsequently, at another media conference YSRCP city coordinator Suryaprakash Rao reacted sharply. When asked what will happen to him when newcomers are given tickets, he remarked that party president will respond to this. He said Jagan will decide on whether ticket be given to ayaram gayaram or to the one who is reliable. He also remarked that if ticket is given to all and sundry then it will amount to making 22 YSRCP MLAs jump the wall.

Rajahmundry politics may become a headache for YSRCP chief, who is in a dilemma. He can’t say no to Suryaprakash who is associated with the party since the beginning and the same time can’t stop Subrahmanyam from the joining the party as he has considerable following. With so many controversies even before Subrahmanyam’s entry, YSRCP leadership kept delaying his entry. With Subrahmanyam not joining YSRCP this week, it remains to be seen whether at Mandapeta next week he joins YSRCP or changes his decision to hold Jana Sena flag in his hand.

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