Pawan to launch fast on Thummapala sugar factory

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had threatened to launch indefinite hunger strike at Thummapala in support of the sugar factory workers. The Jana Sena chief had visited the families of the factory which was closed hitting the lives of more than 15,000 families. The closure of the Anakapalle V V R Cooperative Sugars Limited had taken the lives of 17 workers over the years, Pawan Kalyan said and blamed both the Telugu Desam Party in power and the YSR Congress in opposition for ignoring the woes of these workers.

Setting one month deadline for the State government to get the factory reopened, the Jana Sena chief said he would launch indefinite hunger strike at Thummapala in Visakhapatnam. He took a dig at Jaganmohan Reddy for promising to do justice to the sugar factory workers only if he is made the Chief Minister. He wondered why the YSR Congress chief had not taken up the case in Assembly or with the government as Leader of Opposition.

Pawan held both the TDP and the YSR Congress responsible for the death of 17 workers and the sufferings of over 15,000 families who have lost their bread. He said he had several other issues which were neglected by the successive governments in the region. He finds that the people of the region have lost hopes on the governments and political parties as the governments have neglected it.

The Jana Sena chief had also accused the ruling TDP of resorting to physical attack on the leaders and activists of the Opposition parties in the State. He said that the Janma Bhoomi committees which are filled with the TDP leaders were indulging in economic loot of the government by taking lions share from all the welfare schemes. At the same time, the TDP leaders were physically attacking the opposition parties to scare them ahead of next round of elections, which is undemocratic, he said and asserted that the Jana Sena is prepared to face any such attempts by the ruling TDP.

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