What happens when Arjun Reddy becomes ‘rowdy’

Film ‘Arjun Reddy’ was a sensation in Tollywood history. With ‘Arjun Reddy’ Vijay Devarkonda overnight became a star hero. With this movie, Vijay totally became addicted to Arjun Reddy attitude. The kind of attitude shown by Arjun Reddy in this movie was later demonstrated by Vijay Devarkonda in public. Vijay Devarkonda created huge following among youth with this movie and they also started having huge expectations from him. In ‘Arjun Reddy’ movie, Vijay Devarkonda acted as a rough student, as carefree youngster, as a youth with intense love and also as a doctor. In all these roles, Vijay Devarkonda showed amazing variation. Now he has planned to completely win over the youth.

That’s why he launched a website ‘rowdyclub.in’ for youth. He is declaring himself and his fans as rowdies. His work is also hugely attracting the youth. Vijay Devarkonda is organizing sun donor party for his fans on July 15 and for this he has started innovative promotion. As part of this Vijay Devarkonda posted on social media a poster in which he is seen riding a bike, wearing only the jeans and sporting a rough look.  Vijay’s fans are going wild with excitement on seeing this look. Not just Vijay’s fans but all youth are falling for Vijay’s rowdy getup.

How a rough and tough Arjun Reddy looks when he turns a rowdy is evident from the poster. Vijay Devarkonda is thus making all efforts to massively increase the number of his fans. The young hero’s thinking is different. That’s why Vijay has started these innovative experiments. Currently Vijay Devarkonda’s films are getting ready to be released one after other. The first movie in the queue is ‘Gita Govindam’. This will be followed by ‘Taxiwala’ and ‘Nota’.

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