Damage caused by self-goal chanakyas

It is said that there are no murders, only suicides in politics. There is no dearth of people in politics who cut the very branch they sit on or those who set afire their own houses.  At a time when elections are nearing, such individuals become headache for major parties. Their statements are damaging the prospects of their own parties. In the past, BJP was the worst hit by such statements. Those who were supporting the BJP also had to face criticism due to the core ideology. Now Congress party is caught in this vortex. Parties like YSRCP facing life and death situation are landing in trouble. For rival parties, such individuals are turning into unexpected blessing.

Former central minister Shashi Tharoor is personally trapped in many controversies. As if this was not enough, he caused big headache to the party. In the past, he earned name and fame by working with internationally prestigious organizations. His controversies began during UPA regime. Friendship and marriage with Sunanda Pushkar and irregularities in purchasing IPL team were the events that landed him in trouble. Sunanda’s death case is still under probe. He is facing allegations of being the cause for her suicide. Politically, all this has become a burden for the party. Adding to this, he triggered another row with the comment that if BJP comes to power again it will turn India into Hindu Pakistan. BJP leaders are lashing out at Congress. Comparing India which has its roots in secular values to Pakistan was a strategic error. This has unnecessarily given a political weapon to BJP.

Another key leader Ramdas Athawale created a row. He is not a BJP member. For name sake he is the president of Republican Party of India. Since the party is a partner in NDA, he became a central minister. Who should be included in NDA and how should be BJP’s relations with partners is something decided by the BJP leaders. However, he triggered a controversy with his comments in Hyderabad about Andhra Pradesh affairs. He asked Jagan to become CM by joining NDA. He said he will take the responsibility of making Jagan the CM. He even said that if Jagan joins NDA, he will try to get special status for Andhra Pradesh. He thus caused political damage to both YSRCP and BJP. Facing criticism for ties with BJP, Jagan had already decided to maintain a distance. However, Athawale’s statement has taken it back to square one. In Andhra Pradesh, BJP was struggling to show its presence. His statement that BJP kept the issue of special status aside due to political reasons, created ripples in the party’s AP unit. Has this minister of state promoted to the cabinet rank? Without giving a thought to this, Ramdas Athawale with his inappropriate advice and through intervention in a matter not related to him, has queered the pitch for BJP.

Modi and Chandrababu are political heavyweights. They don’t miss any opportunity given by their rivals to launch an attack. That’s why the prime minister targetted Congress party by describing it as a party of Muslim men. He also tried to project women different from Muslims. He is again trying to bring into focus Hindu majority view. The strategy is to polarize Hindu votes in BJP’s favour.

On the other hand, Chandrababu Naidu started uproar. He is telling people that YSRCP and BJP are one. He is making all efforts to malign YSRCP. What is the level of the man who has given the statement? How far he can influence Jagan and BJP? Chandrababu has deliberately kept all this aside. He started attacking YSRCP as if whatever he said is coming true. This is creating a situation where YSRCP will have to keep BJP further away. The damage being caused by self goal chanakyas to their own parties and allies is huge.

Ram Tatavarthi
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