The story behind Kumaraswamy breaking down

Karnataka Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy’s behavior has recently undergone interesting change. In Karnataka elections, the number of seats Congress party got was double than the seats bagged by JD (S) but still it left the chief minister’s post to Kumaraswamy. Congress took this decision with the sole aim to prevent Karnataka from going to BJP’s account. Kumaraswamy became chief minister with just 36 seats. At the swearing-in ceremony of Kumaraswamy, anti-BJP forces from across the country came on one platform. Congress played the big brother. Whatever may be the national political scene, the politics in Karnataka changed in just two months.

After taking over as the chief minister, Kumaraswamy made certain comments on the issue of waiver of farmers’ loans. From those comments to breaking down at a felicitation function organized by JD (S) workers, if one observes his behavior it looks as if he has some political interest. A week after taking over as the CM, when he was asked about loan waiver, he said that he has no absolute majority and that he has to take a decision in consultation with Congress. Subsequently on two three occasions, he indicated that he has no independence and that it is the Congress party which has an upper hand. In the latest development, while addressing JD (S) workers, he told them that they are happy but he is not. He broke down while saying that that he is going through the same pain which Vishkanth had to go through in swallowing the poison. This development will create public sympathy for Kumaraswamy and create anti-Congress feelings.

Congress leaders are shocked that Kumaraswamy who was made chief minister to prevent BJP from coming to power is indirectly painting their party as a villain. Congress needs to continue in Karnataka government and the alliance with JD (S) till 2019. Kumaraswamy is trying to turn this situation in his favor. It appears that Kumaraswamy is looking to weaken Congress and strengthen himself. If everything goes according to his plan, he will be trying to play key role at the Centre by winning majority Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka. He hopes that if an opportunity comes his father Deve Gowda will become the prime minister once again. As part of this he is diluting the schemes like Anna Bhagya, which is the brainchild of former chief minister Siddaramaiah. He is targeting Congress by stating that he has no power to take a decision for the benefit of people. Stating that he has no clear majority, Kumaraswamy is trying to get mileage in 2019 parliamentary elections. In Karnataka, BJP has its strong vote bank, which is intact. If Kumaraswamy expands his vote bank, he will cut into the votes of Congress party. Congress is realizing that a friend is betraying them by turning into an internal enemy.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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