No Trust Vote – TDP gets 13 mnts, Haribabu gets 15 mnts

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The ruling Telugu Desam Party seems to have lost its ground by moving no confidence motion. It had gained just 13 minutes time to represent the issues, while Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Visakhapatnam, Kambhampati Haribabu alone is given 15 minutes to counter the TDP. This is besides the total of 3 hrs 33 minutes given to the BJP.

The Congress has 38 minutes where it would have to represent several issues and the Andhra Pradesh issues top the list. The Congress might give four to five minutes for AP issues including the special category status, but it will grab the opportunity to hit at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on various issues, which would divert the peoples’ attention from the AP issues.

Tamil Nadu’s AIADMK and West Bengal’s Trinamool Congress, which have 29 minutes and 27 minutes respectively will certainly raise the issues concerning their own States and not the AP issues. Even the BJD and Siva Sena, which will have 15 minutes and 14 minutes on hand, are not expected to raise the AP issues for their own reasons.

The TDP had thus lost the opportunity to represent the views by going for the no trust vote. Instead, the party should have asked for special discussion or zero hour discussion in the House which would have given enough time for the party to represent the AP issues and make other members too to speak for Andhra Pradesh.

There is nothing for the ruling BJP to lose as it has enough numbers to defeat the motion. On its own BJP has 273 members and with the support of the allies, the NDA stands tall with 316 members, while the entire opposition strength stands at 146 members. The AIADMK, TRS and BJD, which have decided to stay neutral put together have 67 members. That way, there is nothing that the TDP could achieve with the no confidence motion except to have some edge in Andhra Pradesh where it has the complete control over the vernacular media – both print and electronic – to give wide publicity for its benefit

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