Another bad luck, another flop

Raj Tarun

Raj Tarun has completely lost his form. Battling consecutive disasters, he had another flop with his latest movie ‘Lover’. A situation has created where Raj Tarun may be described as ‘disaster raja’. ‘Lover’ has also done injustice to Raj Tarun, who doesn’t have even an average hit to his credit. Even big banner could not help him. This time he received a big setback as he chased Dil Raju and did a movie under his banner to expand his market. Raj Tarun did this movie with director Anish Krishna, who had only average movie to his credit.

On the other hand without keeping in mind Raj Tarun’s market, Dil Raju invested about Rs.8 crore in this film. After making this investment, Dil Raju’s behavior is like asking himself whether investing so much on Raj Tarun was necessary. Dil Raju always goes mad about promotion of his films but in case of ‘Lover’ he did not take much interest. Since these are bad times for Raj Tarun, he is experiencing one bad luck after the other. Even a successful producer landed in losses because of him. Raj Tarun’s bad luck also got transferred to Dil Raju. That’s why ‘Lover’ did not become even an average movie. Negative talk spread about the film in the very first show.

It is being said that Raj Tarun’s over action in this movie is not digestible. Similarly the film is said to have good songs but background music is not up to the mark. Director bored the audience with routine story and while cinematography is good, editing is bad. Riddhi Kumar, who played the female lead opposite Raj Tarun, also failed to impress. Those who have seen ‘Lover’ will definitely feel that since the film has no substance, Dil Raju might have felt that why should he spend more money on promotion of this movie. The film also failed to impress in terms of comedy. With ‘Lover’ not only Dil Raju suffered losses as producer but another flop was added to Raj Tarun’s account.

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