Not even half of her mother

This Friday four films were released in Tollywood while in Bollywood the debut movie of Sridevi’s elder daughter Jhanvi Kapoor hit the screens amid high expectations and with the blessings of industry stalwarts. Sridevi had the dream to see her daughter as the queen of silver screen. However, as she died before her dream was fulfilled, Jhanvi not only successfully completed her debut movie with the help of Arjun Kapoor but along with her first hero Ishaan Khatter did massive promotion for the movie. Under the production leadership of Bollywood kingmaker Karan Johar, director Shashank Khaitan has made ‘Dhadak’ which is a remake of Marathi super duper hit ‘Sairat’. However, a review of ‘Dhadak’ shows that Jhanvi Kapoor failed to impress with this movie.

Jhanvi Kapoor has inherited the beauty of her mother but not her acting skills. It is not proper to say this after the very first film. Coming to ‘Dhadak’, this film’s original ‘Sairat’ was made in rural context and was based on original story. Director Nagaraju made a hit movie. However, that originality is missing in ‘Dhadak’. Though the film was in the hands of a producer known for lavish expenditure, it looks the director made the movie in a hurry. ‘Dhadak’ appears like a movie made with a routine love story but with newcomers. On one hand hero Ishaan is newcomer while on the other Jhanvi Kapoor is also making her debut. Since both are newcomers, they both failed to do justice to their roles. Similarly director Shashank failed to bring out actors in them. Jhanvi Kapoor has to prove herself in acting and dialogue delivery. In some scenes, she has good looks while in some other scenes she proved herself.

Jhanvi looks good with her gestures in some scenes. It’s not just the hero and heroine who are responsible for this film being a flop. The film has failed in the area of direction. If one wants to go to watch this film for cinematography and the money spent by producer Karan Johar, we don’t think there is any need to go to theatre by spending so much on the ticket. As Sridevi’s daughter, Jhanvi Kapoor should have realized that getting stardom like her mother is not easy. It is difficult to say now as to how many years Sridvei’s fans will have to wait for Jhanvi Kapoor to fill the gap left by Sridevi.

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