Is Dil Raju deliberately insulting heroes?

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This is how a Tollywood producer is behaving. Considered as of the leading lights of Tollywood, Dil Raju scores hits by making movies with small, medium and big heroes. Many heroes in Tollywood believe that if they work under his production the films will be a sure hit. Dil Raju book heroes of his liking two to three movies in advance. Calling the shots as a distributor as well, Dil Raju believes if he makes films as a producer there would be no threat. However, it appears that the way heroes believe him has made him over confident. That’s why he talks whatever he likes about heroes whose films have flopped and who approach him.

Considering what Dil Raju is talking these days, we can’t understand whether he is insulting some heroes intentionally or unintentionally. Recently he spoke the same about ‘Lover’ movie. Facing tough times, Raj Tarun had come to Dil Raju with the hope that if he makes a film it will be a hit and luck will again smile at him. Dil Raju made ‘Lover’ under his banner but the film failed to impress. He said since Raj Tarun’s films were flopping, he made ‘Lover’.

Dil Raju has now opened his mouth about another hero. Dil Raju produced ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ with Nithiin as the hero. Nithiin had two flops before ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ and that’s why he approached Dil Raju with a request to make a movie. It would have been proper if Dil Raju, who made the movie with story by Satish Vegesna and Nithiin as hero, had kept quiet. He, however, said that ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ was made to pull out Nithiin from flops and that Nithiin requested him to make the movie.

Is it proper for Dil Raju to say before the release of the films that he is making films out of sympathy for them? People are asking if Dil Raju continues like this which star hero will provide him opportunity to make films. Whether Dil Raju is deliberately speaking like this or making these remarks by mistake, the issue is spreading in social media causing him embarrassment.

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