Balayya to act as CM?

The way Balayya has adjusted with Boyapati, it is not easily possible for him to set with any other director. If films are made in their combination, not just Balayya’s fans but also common film audience will have huge expectations. That’s why movies like ‘Simha’ and ‘Legend’ became blockbuster hits. Cinema collections were also massive. There have been reports doing round for a long time that three films are coming in their combination. There is still no clarity on this but Filmnagar sources say films will definitely be made. It is said that a story is being discussed and the film will be officially launched soon.

As per the latest inform, this film will have huge budget that is Rs.100 crore budget in tune with the story. Balayya’s fans say as the film is being made with such a big budget, it shows the importance Balayya is giving to this movie. Here too as per the latest news Balayya will be playing CM’s role in the film to be made with Boyapati. It is being said that Boyapati is making film in view of the coming elections.

While it is not known how far this is correct but this news is a celebration for Balakrishna’s fans. If this news is correct, this will be the first movie to be made with such a huge budget in Balayya’s career. This is because the budget of NTR biopic being made in Balakrishna-Krish combination is about Rs.80 crore. Taking this into consideration, the film being made by Boyapati will be the biggest budget film in Balayya’s career. Currently busy with NTR biopic, Balayya will soon take this movie to the sets. However, an official statement on this is yet to be made.

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