Will Jagan get their support ?

YSR Congress party chief Jaganmohan Reddy’s comments on Kapu reservation angered Kapus but pleased the BCs. Jagan recently remarked that Kapu reservation issue is under the purview of the Centre and hence he can’t give any assurance on this. Later, when Kapus expressed their anger, Jagan gave a clarification on his statement. He said that YSRCP is in favour of Kapu reservation and it will put pressure on the Centre for implementation of Kapu reservation without doing injustice to BCs.

Following Jagan’s clarification, Kapus’ tempers somewhat cooled down. However, BC groups are welcoming the remarks made by Jagan on Kapu reservation. BC groups say Jagan’s remarks are justified. Andhra Pradesh BC Associations Coordination committee convenor G. Venkateshwar Rao said that the political parties are promising what they can’t do and thus they are trying to mislead people. He also condemned Telugu Desam Party’s counter attack on Jagan’s remarks.

What is significant is his announcement that in the coming elections BCs will support Jagan’s party. He demanded that Jagan should stand by his first statement. From the beginning BCs in Andhra Pradesh have always supported TDP. Since the formation of TDP by NTR, it was known as the party of BCs. However, BCs are strongly opposing Chandrababu government for passing Kapu reservation bill in assembly and sending the resolution to the Centre.

TDP is also saying that reservation for Kapus will be implemented without doing injustice to BCs. They are finding fault with TDP for setting up Kapu Corporation and for not allocating sufficient funds for the development of BCs. It is believed that in a strategic move Jagan raised Kapu reservation issue to lit the fire. He is understood to have made the comments so that BCs unite and he gets the benefit in the coming elections. With leaders of BC groups welcoming Jagan’s statement, TDP has been forced into self-defence.

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