YSR Congress makes wise move

The YSR Congress seems to have taken a wise decision in the Parliament, particularly in voting against the Bharatiya Janata Party’s NDA. The party is branded as a silence friend of the BJP for its support to the NDA in the President and Vice-President elections in the past.

Though the party had taken the decision on the ground that the NDA has the majority and the institutions like President and vice-president should be unanimous, the decision had come handy for the rivals, particularly the ruling Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh, to accuse the YSR Congress of having hidden understanding with the BJP for the fear of cases.

However, now the YSR Congress party’s stand to vote against the NDA, particularly in Rajya Sabha, had cleared the black clouds. The YSR Congress had backed TDP’s Rajya Sabha member C M Ramesh to become the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee. It took no time to vote for the TDP MP as its stand was clear to defeat the BJP and NDA.

Now, the YSR Congress had decided to vote against the NDA again in the Rajya Sabha deputy chairman election. The office of the deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha fell vacant following the retirement of P J Kurien in June this year.

The NDA is falling short of the required numbers to have its member elected to the post. The opposition has the numbers, but is divided with various parties having their own stakes. Whatever the result, which is expected by this noon, the decision of the YSR Congress to go against the BJP gives an edge to the party for its political strategies. This would also gives a chance to Jaganmohan Reddy to brush the criticism against him that he is soft to the BJP because of the cases pending against him.

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