Akkineni family’s magic didn’t work?

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Sushanth, who did movies like ‘Current’ , ‘Adda’ and ‘Kalidasu’, could not settle as hero. Then the support of Akkineni family was only marginal. Sushant, who always used to be behind his mother, for the first time took a decision on his own in the matter of ‘Chi La Sow’ movie. With no offers coming as hero, he changed himself into a character artist but this was of no help and hence Sushant prepared a beautiful love story and picked Rahul Ravindran for the direction. Rahul made good use of the opportunity given by Sushanth. Since Rahul was new to direction and Sushanth had no market, the film after completion was not expected to get good buzz. Hence, Rahul through his wife Chinmayi slowly convinced her friend and Akkineni daughter-in-law Samantha. Samntha in turn convinced Naga Chaitanya and Nagarjuna. He showed the movie to them and made its arrangements for its release under Annapurna banner.

The entire Akkineni family became active to promote Sushanth’s ‘Chi La Sow’. The film was released last Friday and being described as super hit. It was thought with Akkineni family’s support, Sudhanth’s movie will race ahead with super duper collections. The cinema is hit and the talk is positive but the collections are very dull. The reason is ‘Goodachari’ movie of Rahul’s friend Adivi Sesh. The film not only became hit but recording huge collections. That’s why the full support of Akkineni family and the hit talk could not help ‘Chi La Sow’.

‘Chi La Sow’ collections show that Akkineni family magic did not work for this film. Samantha, Naga Chaitanya and Nagarjuna were very active before the release of the film but after its release they became silent. The online promotion by Rahul Ravindran and Sushanth did not reach the audience and the film’s collections are dropping in B and C centres.

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