Who is threatened by Pawan?

Who will benefit from Pawan? Whose votes Pawan will cut into? Whose advantage this will work to? Currently these are the topics of discussions in the two Telugu states. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is moving somewhat aggressively. Even if a small incident is happening, he is going there to criticize the government. He is making plans to strengthen the party at the local level. Pawan has decided to contest the coming elections with the Communist parties. He hopes that this will help in getting booth level cadre.

Pawan Kalyan has already announced that his party will contest all 175 seats in Andhra Pradesh. There is no doubt that if Jana Sena contests the elections, it will have its impact. This is because Pawan has considerable following in a strong social group and among the youth. Pawan’s speeches are in tune with the aspirations of young generation. Pawan’s criticism of government and opposition is sending ripples in the social media. The intellectuals are also hailing his ideas and thinking.

In this context, the question which is currently the hot topic of debate in AP is whose votes Pawan will cut into. It is estimated that Pawan’s party will get votes from two sections of people. The first is Kapu community and the other are youth. In the previous elections, Kapu votes had gone to Telugu Desam party. The youth had supported Jagan. But this time the votes of both the segments are likely to go to Pawan. This may harm the ruling TDP and opposition YSR Congress. Pawan is likely to deal a blow to the ruling and opposition parties in some constituencies. That’s why both TDP and YSR Congress are trying to woo Kapus and the youth.

Pawan is not focusing on Telangana but it is being said that his party will definitely contest from here. This is expected to help KCR. On several occasions Pawan praised the welfare schemes of KCR government. That’s why KCR is planning to make Pawan field his candidates in constituencies where Congress is strong, especially in Hyderabad and areas where settlers are in sizeable number. KCR believes that if Jana Sena gets votes of Kapus, settlers, youth and also the votes of those unhappy with the government, it will benefit him. It is learnt that KCR is trying to get Pawan’s support. Now both the Telugu states have become crucial for Pawan’s party.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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