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There is suspense in political circles about the constituency from where Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan will be contesting the next elections. Last year speaking at a meeting in Anantapur, he said that he has decided to contest from Anantapur. However, in view of the recent statements and analyses, there are intense speculations that Pawan will be contesting from West Godavari. Since Pawan’s name is in the voters’ list of Eluru, this debate has begun among the party leaders. In the past, Jana Sena leaders in Eluru’s Postal Colony took a house on rent in the name of Pawan. He got the voter card on the same address.

Pawan’s speech at a public meeting during Porata Yatra at Bhimavaram on July 27 triggered speculations on whether Pawan will contest from West Godavari district and if yes from which constituency. Pawan during his speech had said “My grandfather worked as a postman in Penugonda. My father worked as constable in Mogalturru. My father sold our two acres of land for the marriage of girls. Had that land been with us, we would have been living here. My ancestors lived here. I came here twice in my childhood. I went missing in Narsapuram. Then a constable protected me and handed me over to my father. I love this district because I have my family roots here. It will be in my heart throughout my life.”

That’s why Pawan’s fans and party leaders say that Pawan will contest from this district. Some leaders are saying that he will contest from our constituency while others say he will contest from our constituency. They are citing different developments in support of their arguments. When Pawan came to Eluru a year ago he had said that he will enroll himself as a voter in this district. His fans here urging him to contest from district headquarter Eluru.

On several occasions Pawan Kalyan announced that his party will contest from all 175 constituencies. Leaders from several constituencies are inviting him to contest from their regions. His ancestors used to live in Mogalturru, which comes under Narsapuram constituency. Locals say that Pawan Kalyan belongs to their constituency and they feel that he should contest from there. After forming Praja Rajyam, that party leader had contested from Palakollu but had to taste defeat. Leaders from Palakollu are saying that they are determined to make Pawan Kalyan contest from Palakollu and ensure his victory.

While visiting Anantapur, Pawan Kalyan had announced that he will contest from this district. Now that he has enrolled as a voter in Eluru, the party leaders have not ruled out Pawan contesting from there. The leaders themselves are saying that since there is still time for elections, final decision will be taken keeping in view the political realignments and the thinking of their party chief. Overall, there is an intense debate going on from where Pawan will contest the elections.

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