Kamal Haasan, Dil Raju betrayed audience

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For audience these days a film is not just about few songs. They watch the movie only if it has good story and substance. This is what happened in case of two films released this week. First if we see ‘Vishwaroopam 2’ starring Kamal Haasan it looks as if some scenes left at the editing table during making of the first part and a climax shot earlier were pieced together to produce a two-hour movie. Kamal might have thought that audience will not be able to make out. However, Kamal’s fans have not only realized this but they are angry with him. In fact this is Kamal’s business trick. He did this to make sure that the film works out in terms of revenue. While the film may work out in terms of revenue, the film story has deeply disappointed fans and other audience. They are expressing their anger saying that they did not expect this kind of story from Kamal.

Not just this film, ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ produced by Dil Raju is same. He released the movie keeping in mind the long week-end. However, he is unable to stop negative feedback. These are not the days when audience will watch a movie made with the same formula of a previous successful movie. No matter how aggressively a film is promoted before its release, it doesn’t help except for first day collection. If there is substance in the film, it carries it forward from the second day. If a film is made with a story in tune with the audience’s pulse, it will earn both the collections and the appreciation. If it is not done, the films will meet this fate. Let us hope that filmmakers will take precautions while producing the movies.

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