Will charge sheet politics boomerang on TDP?

Is TDP displaying over enthusiasm on the issue of leader of opposition Jagan? Is it scoring a self goal by creating unnecessary fuss? The answer appears to be yes going by the attitude of Telugu Desam Party and media houses supporting it. The ED has included Jagan’s wife Y. S. Bharati in the charge sheet. These are the stories which have appeared in media. However, the court has still not taken the charge sheet into cognizance. It is not known whether it will do this or not. In this situation the pro-TDP newspapers published this news in headlines. Grabbing this opportunity, TDP leaders launched a bitter attack on Jagan. However, the ruckus created by TDP seems to be boomeranging.

So far TDP leaders have been alleging that Y. S. Jagan has colluded with BJP and his politics with Modi is based on a secret deal. The party took this issue to people in an aggressive manner. At one stage people also started believing that there is some truth in this allegation. However, considering the developments of last two days the allegation made by TDP in the past has proved wrong. The question which is cropping up in people’s mind is if Jagan had entered into a secret deal with BJP, Jagan would have come out of the cases against him and his wife would not have been dragged to the court. Moreover, 17 months ago Jagan had complained to the prime minister that there are two pro-TDP officials in ED. If there was really a friendship with BJP, will these officers who are reportedly creating trouble for Jagan have continued in ED? This question has also come up. Thus the TDP’s allegation of ‘BJP-YSRCP’ friendship has proved wrong.

The allegations against Jagan are not new. For seven years he had been facing allegations, investigations, charge sheets, courts and cases. He spent 16 months in jail. However, some people strongly believed and are believing the repeated allegations of TDP against Jagan. They reached to a conclusion that Jagan is corrupt. In the last elections, they voted against Jagan. Now repeating the same allegations this time may not politically benefit TDP. Moreover, it will be like admitting that its allegation of ‘BJP-YSR Congress friendship’ is wrong.

Even if there is no TDP role in charge sheet against Y. S. Bharati, the criticism by TDP and the stories being written by pro-TDP media have sent strong indications to people that it is witch-hunting and this is likely to increase people’s sympathy for Jagan. This was proved earlier when Jagan went to jail. When Jagan was in jail, YSR Congress recorded massive victory in 15 out of 18 assembly seats where by-elections were held. Now Jagan’s open letter on ED charge sheet and the issues raised by him are going strongly among people thanks to the impact of social media. Overall, ED charge sheet against Bharati, TDP’s sharp attacks and the stories by pro-TDP media is not likely to benefit TDP. In fact, it appears that this will politically help Jagan.

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