Lokesh launches website for his visitors

Young Minister in Andhra Pradesh Cabinet and the future Chief Minister of the State, as the ruling Telugu Desam Party claims, Nara Lokesh, had come up with yet another innovative idea to help the people who meet him.

He had been active on his twitter handle responding to the petitions from the people and reacting to them on a day to day basis. Though he is called Pappu for his slip of tongue speeches in public, his mechanism through the social media had helped him build a different image. He had gone close to the people in addressing their problems, which are represented to him through the social media.

The young Minister’s secretariat works hard with a handful of young and active staff, who are good at the gadgets. Communication goes well to the people and the officials of the department that he heads now. He thus reaches out to them in making things happen in his ministry.

He also meets a number of visitors in his cabinet chambers at the secretariat. Having met the Minister and got their issues solved, the visitors look for photographs with the Ministers.

The visitors pay heavily to these photographers to get their photos and there are complaints that the photographers of some ministers are exploiting the demand from the visitors for the photographs.

Keeping this in view, Lokesh had opened a new website from where the visitors to him can directly download their photographs. They can now open the new website – www.photowithmyleader.in – and enter the date of their visit to the Minister and download the photographs. This would make them not to buy the photographs or run around for the same.

In a way, Lokesh is making his best to be available to the people through social media, which gives him an advantage for his future politics.

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