Charan movie to have more action?

After scoring a blockbuster hit like ‘Rangasthalam’, Ramcharan started working with Boyapati on an action entertainer. Currently the shooting of this film is continuing briskly. Social media is abuzz with the talk that there will be more action in this Ramcharan-Boyapati movie. However, news came out that it will be a family entertainer in which comedy, emotion and action will be equal. D V V Danaiah is making this film with a huge budget. Currently the shooting of this film is continuing on the outskirts of Hyderabad. For the next schedule, the film is going to be shot in a country which the Telugu audiences have not heard of.

It is being said that Charan-Boyapati will be filming some action scenes in Azerbaijan. Boyapati learnt about Azerbaijan from his friends, he visited that country to see the locations and decided to shoot action scenes of Ramcharan movie there. Charan also liked the locations selected by Boyapati and decided to shoot the film there. The entire RC12 team will soon board the flight to Azerbaijan. They will be shooting maximum number of action sequences that is 5-6 scenes in that country. This means it has been decided that most part of this film have action scenes.

Presently very busy with the making of ‘Sye Raa’, Ram Charan is now gearing up for the shooting of Boyapati film. Boyapati-Charan have completed much of the shooting. They say that in the latest schedule they will complete most of the film. The film in which Kira Advani is acting opposite Ram Charan is scheduled to be released in January as Sankranti gift to the audiences.

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