BJP wants action on actor Sivaji

The Bharatiya Janata Party in Andhra Pradesh demanded that action be taken against Tollywood actor Sivaji Sontineni for his allegations against the BJP. The actor-turned-politician had accused the BJP of planning a greater conspiracy against the Telugu Desam Party, its chief Chandrababu Naidu and thus destabilise the State.

The actor had also alleged that the Central government through its investigating agencies was trying to serve some notices to Chandrababu Naidu on September 10 which he termed as political witch-hunt. He said that the BJP had a master plan of Operation Garuda to take the TDP leaders and split the ruling party. He said that the BJP had similar plans for Karnataka and Tamil Nadu too. However, there were no takers for his allegations.

A few months ago, he had alleged that the BJP was trying to use a new actor (Pawan Kalyan) to execute its plans to split the Telugu Desam Party. He also alleged that the BJP was trying to create political unrest in the State by plotting against one Opposition leader (indicating Jaganmohan Reddy). He went on to claim that he had credible information on this but no investigative agency had taken him seriously.

But, two days ago he surfaced once again before the media and said that BJP government at the Centre had plans to serve some notices to Chandrababu Naidu. As expected nothing of sort had happened on the day and people began laughing at him.

However, the BJP took him seriously for damaging the party’s image. BJP spokesman Sudheesh Rambotla wrote a letter to Chandrababu Naidu seeking action against the actor. The BJP leader alleged that the actor was having some connection with the anti-social elements as he claims of credible information on possible political disturbance in the State. He further demanded action against the actor as the actor claims to have evidence on the impending violence in the State leading to law and order problem.

The BJP spokesman wondered whether the AP’s intelligence wing had failed to know the facts that Sivaji was revealing one after the other. He further said that some people are really worried about the possible law and order problem in the State believing in the claims of the actor and requested the State government to take action against Sivaji.

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