Naidu discounts Shah’s claims on power

Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party suremo, Chandrababu Naidu, said that the BJP’s claim of being in power for next 50 years is a dream for the party. He said that the BJP with all its anti-people policies was losing its ground over the last four years. The success of the Bharat Bandh called and observed by the Opposition parties the other day, was a clear indication of the BJP’s losing its base and moving closure to defeat.

He took a dig at the BJP for its failure to implement election promises and also to keep the petrol prices under control. He said that the government had put heavy burden on the people by increasing the petrol prices on a daily basis. People who buy the petrol for their vehicles are facing the direct burden, while they are also facing the indirect burden caused by the increased transportation charges.

Chandrababu Naidu, while announcing a cut of Rs 2 per litre on both petrol and diesel in the State, which would cause a direct loss of Rs 1120 crore per year on the State government, dared the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre to slash the petrol prices in the country. He said that the BJP leadership had failed on all fronts in meeting the expectations of the people. He accused the BJP of sailing with the corrupt YSR Congress in the state and people were watching it too.

The TDP chief wanted the BJP leaders to be answerable to the people while being in power. He alleged that the BJP had failed to control the prices, the corruption and bring back the black money as promised during the last elections. He alleged that the BJP was betraying every section of the people and would not come back to power if it continued to govern this way.

Naidu claimed that his government, despite having revenue deficit had fulfilled all the promises and the reducing the petrol price was one more major and daring move to help the people. He wanted the BJP leadership to have concern for the people and not the concern for power.

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