BJP failed to fulfil election manifesto to protect interests of farmers

Minister for Agriculture Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy said that the state govt is committed to welfare of farmers and taking several measures to protect the interests of farmers. He said that the state govt has been implementing majority of the Swaminathan commission recommendations. He said though the NDA govt promised to double the income of farmers, it failed to provide MSP to agricultural produce.

Replying to a question in Assembly today, the minister said as per the Swaminathan commission recommendations the central govt has to fix the MSP for paddy at Rs 2823 per quintal but it fixed the rate at Rs 1750. The Andhra Pradesh govt prosed Rs 3472 per quintal of paddy but the central govt fixed the MSP at Rs 1750. Likewise the state govt recommended maize price at Rs 2823 per quintal and Jowar at Rs 2932 per quintal and the central govt fixed the MSP of both the products at Rs 1750. There is a vast gap between the MSP and cost of production.

The Minister said that the central govt has failed to honor the recommendations of Commission for Agricultural Cost and Prices (CACP) recommendations in fixing MSP for various agricultural products.

The minister said that the state govt purchased maize by spending Rs 290 cr to benefit the farmers. The state govt also purchased turmeric at Rs 6600 per quintal.

He said that Andhra Pradesh stands first in implementing micro irrigation and the central govt is not coming forward to extend support to the scheme. He said that the state govt spent Rs 3400 cr to purchase various agricultural products. He alleged that the central govt has been adopting a partisan attitude and procuring agricultural produce by providing MSP in BJP- ruled states.

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