2.0 teaser…a mindblower

Not just the fans of superstar Rajnikanth but all the film lovers were eagerly waiting for an update about 2.0 movie being made in Shankar-Rajnikanth combination. The film unit with Vinayaka Chaturthi greetings released the teaser for the audience and this 2.0 teaser is in 3D. The teaser has been released in over 1,000 theatres across India and also on Youtube. Director Shankar had said that due to delay in graphic works the release of 2.0 is also getting delayed. After watching 2.0 teaser the audience believe every word of his. They also believe that 2.0 will be magic.

There are huge expectations from 2.0 being made with a huge budget by Lyca Productions. Why Lyca made such a huge investment becomes clear after watching the teaser. This movie with Rajnikanth-Amy Jackson in the lead and Akshay Kumar as villain will definitely be a mind blower. Villain Akshay Kumar who wants to rule the world and keep everyone in his pocket comes not in the form a human being but as a bird to take control of the satellite signals and makes everybody’s cell phone disappear. With crores of cell phones disappearing from hands and it becoming a threat, hero Rajnikant recreates Chitti. How Chitti made by Rajni counters Akshay Kumar and the fight between them form the story of 2.0.

There is no doubt that 2.0 can stand as competition to Hollywood movies. It has been made with amazing graphics and visual effects. Since Shankar did not compromise on graphics, the film’s release has been delayed. Shankar spending so much time on graphics is really incredible. It had been said that stadium fight in the climax will be film’s highlight. It has definitely become a reality. Nirav Shah’s cinematography is at par with Hollywood. A R Rahman’s music and Shankar’s direction are the film’s highlights. 2.0, which triggered a storm with teaser, will be released worldwide on November 29.

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