AP begins three-day `Jalasiriki Harati’ festival

Andhra Pradesh is getting ready for the prestigious `Jalasiri Harati’ festival, launched by the State Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for creating awareness among future generations on the importance of water for human life.

The festival will be orgaised all over the State for three days beginning from September 14. As part of this, the Chief Minister will attend the `Jalasiri Harati’ programme on Friday, September 14, at Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar Projects. He will offer Harati to the Krishna river at Krishnaveni Ghat after inspecting the water flow from Nagarjuna Sagar Right Canal.

On Saturday, Chandrababu Naidu will participate in the programme being arranged at Peddagadda Reservoir in Vizianagaram district and perform the Jala Harati there. On the final day on Sunday, the Chief Minister will participate in the programme at Krishna river after inaugurating the new lift irrigation scheme of Kondaveeti Vagu on the banks of the Krishna River at Undavalli in Guntur district and offer Harati to the river.

Life is dependent on water which is a boon from Nature.  `Jalasiriki Harati’ is a special programme aimed at people striking a bond of love with the water resources in the State which cater to their needs and with assurance.  The State Government is organising the three-day festival of `Jalasiriki Harati’ as a Thanksgiving to the rivers, reservoirs and water resources which it adores.  As part of this, the water Resources department will conduct the celebrations in festive atmosphere at all rivers and reservoirs in the State, perform puja, worship them, and offer the sacred Harati.  The three-day programme involves people’s participation to help them realise the importance of water resources, their judicious utilisation and also create proper awareness leading to water onservation.

The public response to `Jalasiriki Harati’ last year was so overwhelming that officials are now putting in doubled efforts and made elaborate arrangements to ensure that the three-day festival is a grand success.  They have drawn plans for participation of people’s representatives as well as local people in large numbers in the programme being organised with the benign intention of protecting the ground water sources on which agriculture and dairy farmers mainly depend, and also inform its significance to future generations.

Under this, puja and harati will be organised at all tanks and lakes in every village, mandal and district all over the State.  Importance of water and the need to conserve it will also be propagated through the programme.  With the cooperation of the student community and various Non-Government Organisations, public awareness will be created in drought-prone Rayalaseema districts on conservation of water harvesting to increase the ground water table, de-silting of rivers and developing chain of tanks to develop the region.


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