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Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao biopic with Balakrishna as hero and producer and Krish as director is being made with the title NTR. Though there are reports that the film will portray NTR’s acting and political life, nobody has any clarity. Balakrishna who plays the role of NTR is looking exactly like his father NTR. Since the announcement of this film we have been hearing that this NTR biopic will be very important for TDP in 2019 elections. It is being said that the film is in favour of TDP that is Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Though a son-in-law of NTR, Chandrababu was one of those who backstabbed NTR. Rivals said Babu who snatched the post of CM from NTR was the cause of his death.

While it is not known whether the episode of Chandrababu backstabbing NTR will be shown in this film or not, Rana’s looks as Chandrababu are attracting all the attention. NTR team has released Rana alias Chandrababu look in the form of a special poster on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Rana looks ditto Chandrababu of 1980. In 1982, Chandrababu was defeated in Chandragiri constituency at the hands TDP. Later, he joined TDP. Nara’s pic in Chandrababu Naidu’s looks show that the film depicts how Babu became right hand of NTR after the latter proved his political stamina by protecting the party from August 1984 crisis and Nadendla conspiracy.

Keeping this in view, it is understood that besides NTR’s acting life, the biopic covers all aspects from his political entry to his becoming people’s beloved chief minister, Chandrababu becoming NTR’s son-in-law and after NTR, Chandrababu becoming the chief minister.  Director Krish and Balakrishna are said to be showing NTR’s personal life, politics and acting career by balancing them. It appears that this film will definitely be made in a manner to favour the TDP.

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