This national party has no candidates in Telangana

Bharatiaya Janata Party in Telangana is finding it hard to prepare the list of its candidates for the 119 Assembly constituencies. Though in power at the Centre for the past four years and the Modi-wave still on to some extent the BJP in Telangana could not build its base across all the 119 constituencies.

The party on one side claims that it would come to power defeating the ruling Telangana Rastra Samithi. It refuses to see the Congress as a rival in the State. But the reality is that the party has no candidates to be fielded in all the 119 constituencies.

The party had expected that some leaders from the TRS would join the party ahead of the polls. But, this did not happen. Still the party hopes for the best and is waiting for the fence sitters to come even in the last minutes.

The party which has been fighting against the MIM for all these years could not even find 24 candidates that form part of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. The irony is that the party doesn’t have the candidates to fight with the MIM in the old city itself. The leaders who have been fighting against the MIM in Hyderabad have failed to reach out to the rest of the Telangana State. They did not even spread over the twin cities to challenge the MIM in the elections. What all they have been doing for all these years is to challenge the MIM through Ganesh festival in parts of the old city and create communal tension.

The BJP leaders in TS should at least realise that communal politics will not help them grow politically strong in the State. Fighting with the MIM would not help them strengthen their base in Telangana as they could not spread to all the 24 constituencies in the GHMC area

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