Telangana BJP opens doors for dissidents, students

The Bharatiya Janata Party in Telangana seems to have opened its door for the dissidents in the ruling Telugu Desam Party even other parties. The party is ready to give tickets to the leaders whoever knocks at the door. The party is also looking at the college and university gates for the student leaders to walk in.

The party, which is strong in some divisions in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and some pockets in the Telangana is planning to contest all the 119 Assembly seats in the next elections. But, the big question before the party was to find the 119 candidates. All that the party has now is the candidates enough for 19 seats and it has to find the balance 100 candidates. It is a big challenge for this party to field all the 119 candidates to challenge the ruling TRS and keep up the Modi-Shah combine image.

After nearly three weeks of early polls talk, the BJP had found a way out to its problem. The party had finally opened its doors for the dissident leaders from the TRS or even the Congress to come.

Having opened the doors for the dissidents, the party is now focusing at the college and universities across the State. Party senior leader Lakshman gave a call to the student leaders from all the universities and colleges across the State to come to the party promising party tickets to contest the elections.

Having found the sources to pick the candidates for the next elections, the party leadership is joys to face the next round of polls. The leaders are now looking at the campuses for the potential young candidates to come out seeking the party ticket. It is to be seen how many of the dissident leaders from the TRS and the students from the universities come and take up the challenge.

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