IT officials surprise AP with early morning raids

The Income Tax officials, who are currently busy in Telangana, have stretched their hands to Andhra Pradesh this morning. The IT officials have given a rude shock to the entire State – 13 districts – in the early morning by knocking at the doors of the offices and residences of several politicians, industrialists and business firms.

The IT raids in Andhra Pradesh were on the cards for several months. They have been on the expected lines with a small change. It was expected that the IT officials would knock at Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s door first in connection with the Note for Vote case which is already being probed in Telangana. They have searched, summoned and questioned everyone connected to this infamous case of 2015.

It was felt that the IT officials would come to Andhra Pradesh pulling the Note for Vote strings, but they came with different names. The officials are now busy searching the offices of all schools and colleges belonging to Minister P Narayana across the 13 districts. The raids, as expected, are being carried out simultaneously across the 13 districts.

The raids started in Nellore with the companies of TDP leader and former MLA Bida Mastan Rao yesterday evening and they are spreading to some companies like cashew and prawns exporters and some construction companies.

The ruling TDP had received some information about these raids on October 3 and that is said to be one of the reasons for Chandrababu Naidu closing midway the party coordination committee and the cabinet meetings scheduled for the day. He had reportedly given enough hints to the party leaders about the raids, which became a reality this morning.

The IT officials are likely to search the houses and offices of several ruling party leaders including a couple of Ministers in the Chandrababu Naidu’s Cabinet. Interestingly, Chandrababu Naidu and his team is getting ready to blame the BJP at the Centre and the YSR Congress and Jana Sena in the State for the witch-hunt.

Though not much credible information is likely to be expected from these raids, the TDP is set to make best use of them to gain sympathy which will help him retain the power in the next elections. However, if these raids take serious turn, there is a possibility of Chandrababu Naidu going for early polls to keep the sympathy vibrant and work in his favour

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