#MeToo… media is no exception

There is a wide range debate happening across the country on #MeToo, these days. This is all about sexual harassment by men with women in the workplace. Several names of men have come out in the social media with women accusing them of indulging in obscene acts and talks with them.

This #MeToo had come from the film industry to the media these days. While admitting the fact that media is no exception for anything of the sort as people in the media are part of the society, media is expected to be above in terms of human values. But, that expectation is gone with the media owners looking at it as profitable business. The media owners have started selling the columns on par with the advertisement or even for more lucrative price and the days of media being treated as social responsibility have gone.

In the run for the greater revenue than responsibility, people in the media have all that qualities that anyone in the society has. When the commitment or the social responsibility or the tag of Fourth Pillar is gone for a price, the work place loses its seriousness and the minds turn into devils workshop. Interestingly, the pay for the journalists had gone up in the last two decades and it had become a lucrative job for the people stepping in.

There are the issues like promotions and increments in the media for the journalists and those who are in good books of the boss or the evaluator gets these hikes better than others. In the run for annual pay hike or position elevation the employee is tempted into this sort of relationship or the boss can try his luck.

The Telugu media, mostly the electronic media, is full of this nonsense with every channel having more than a dozen of beautiful female anchors or news readers. The news channels have prime time news bulletins and the girl appearing on this prime time bulletin gets popular. To get this slot for the anchor or news reader, she has to face this challenge of advances from the boss.

Now, what is seen in the social media about #MeToo in media is all about a decade old. The women are reporting about the incidents that they have faced more than a decade ago. Veteran journalists like M J Akbar, now the Minister in the Central government, K R Sreenivas, the resident editor of Times of India and some more. The Times of India resident editor had quit his job refuting the charges, while Akbar is yet to respond.

While the #MeToo is a welcome move to provide better security for women employees in the offices, what is coming out now is not a healthy thing to happen. The #MeToo should focus on what is happening now in the work place and what should happen now and in future, but not what had happened several years ago.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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Subhash Vuyyuru entered into journalism at the young age of 21 as a staff reporter in one of the leading news daily in Andhrapradesh. He has been working in various capacities such as state bureau reporter and sub editor since then. Subhash always says that he will show the same level of interest and passion towards his profession till the end of his career. He also says that his love towards journalism is no less than his love towards his parents and family. He has crystal clear understanding towards contemporary state and national level politics which is very evident through his fearless and sensational articles. He thinks that journalism clubbed with honesty and integrity can really influence the society and helps to bring positive changes in the society.

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