Eesha invited troubles with this role

It is said that Telugu heroines don’t get chances in Telugu films. This is a truth. There have been many instances when Telugu heroines became busy with the films in other languages. Now Telugu heroine Eesha Rebba’s situation looks like the same. After earning good name with two three films, Eesha Rebba felt that being second heroine in star hero NTR’s movie will change the fortunes and she grabbed the opportunity offered to her. In ‘Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava’ Pooja Hegde played Aravinda while Eesha Rebba acted as her younger sister. During the shooting of this movie, there have been reports that Eesha has no big role in ‘Aravinda Sametha’. Reacting swiftly to these reports, Eesha claimed that in ‘Aravinda Sametha’ her role travels with NTR and that she has not acted in only a couple of scenes. She also said that NTR remains jovial on sets and thus showered praise on him.

In only three four scenes

Before the release of the film, it was not known what will be Eesha’s character. Now we all know that her role is confined to just three four scenes. There is a talk that since the film had long duration, Trivikram Srinivas deleted Eesha Rebba’s scenes in editing. While Eesha thought that she will become famous by working in a film with star hero, with this film she has lost whatever craze she had.

Unnecessary role

The audiences are making comments that Eesha became a target of ridicule by doing a meaningless role. People are saying that with this movie, Eesha may be confined to small roles or she may even lose the coming offers. Currently she received an offer to act in a Kannada movie. It remains to be seen if she hoists her flag there. After watching Eesha in ‘Aravinda Sametha’ producers directors may consider her name for films with small-time heroes.

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