Sabarimala – a clear case of rulers’ failure

It has been the style of the rulers – those in power – to divert the attention of the people from their problems. When the rulers fail to live up to the expectations of the people, provide the basic needs of the people, there is unrest in the society that would certainly go against the powers that be. Sensing the unrest, the rulers rake up some nonsense issue and engage people in the fight, completely diverting them from the core issues.

There is petrol and diesel price increasing on a daily basis reflecting on the prices of essential commodities and the transportation. There is no money in the banks and the ATMs are always closed with the security guard sitting outside or there is no security guard at all. The jobs that were promised during the 2014 were not given yet and the unemployed youth are up in arms. The black money was not brought back from the foreign banks as promised. The clean and transparent administration that was promised had become a mirage. There is no accountability in the government, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised during his 2014 electioneering.

The promise to give scam-free governance is defeated with the infamous Rafale fighter aircrafts purchase deal. The country had lost heavily in the deal with the public sector company of Hindustan Aeronautical Limited being side-lined to favour Reliance against the security interests of the nation. The Ambani’s have entered the country’s defence sector against the wishes and sentiments of the 130 crore people of the country.

These are the core issues that are potentially spreading the unrest in the society, ahead of the elections. These issues have the potential threat of the electoral chances of the ruling BJP at the Centre.

Sensing this, the BJP had successfully diverted the peoples’ attention and engaged them in the nonsense issues like triple talaq, Sabarimala temple entry and the MeToo. Forgetting the ever increasing petrol prices, people are now fighting over these issues or seriously engaged in them. Attempt to enter the temple Sabarimala by a group of women and the whole nation watching the attempts and protests made the rulers happy as they have successfully diverted the people from their failures and the possible unrest is killed here.

MeToo is also an issue that had engaged the whole nation to read, watch and debate on which man misbehaved with which women. This is what the rulers wanted the people to get involved, forgetting the price rise, or the security of the nation and the empty banks.

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