Paripoornananda joins BJP, promises political work

Swami Paripoornananda had finally joined politics. He joined, as expected, in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in the presence of its president Amit Shah in New Delhi on Friday. He said he would work for the BJP at any place in the country as desired.

But, his joining the BJP was only for the two Telugu States as he is more popular here. He rose to fame by locking horns with film critic, Kathi Mahesh, a few months ago, when the Hyderabad police have expelled both from the city on law and order issue. However, Swami Paripoornanda had returned to Hyderabad with an order from the High Court.

During his issue, the Swamiji was able to rally the RSS and VHP ranks, besides the Hindu activists across the two Telugu State, particularly in Hyderabad. He was in news every day during that period and had thus made his journey into the BJP. The BJP, which is now gearing up for the elections in Telananga had set its eyes on the Swamiji to get some votes in some pockets of Telangana.

The BJP leaders, who have failed to attract the new leaders, particularly from the Universities and industries, as it had won during the 2014, is now looking at the Swamiji to help the party win some seats against the MIM.

The BJP had won five Assembly seats in the 2014 elections in the Narendra Modi wave, whiles its main rival MIM had own seven seats. This time things are not going to be easy for the BJP to retain these five seats, leave alone winning more. It is for this reason, the BJP had laid its hands on the Swamiji, as a face saving measure.

It is to be seen how far this Swamiji would help the BJP retain the five Assembly seats that it had won in the last election.

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