Rahul raises Congress hopes, hits at the two

Congress president Rahul Gandhi had made it. He had, considerably, ignited the electioneering with his impressive attack on the two leaders – Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Telangana chief minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

During his one-day electioneering, Rahul Gandhi address two public meetings at Bhainsa and Kamareddy before joining the crowd at Hyderabad. He targeted the two leaders accusing them of failure and corruption. While Narendra Modi is giving undue favours to the Ambani family, Chandrasekhar Rao is empowering his own family, ignoring the rest of the people.

Rahul Gandhi, besides promising several benefits to the voters in Telangana, had tried his best to expose Prime Minister Modi in the corruption and had paired Chandrasekhar Rao’s TRS and MIM with the BJP. There is an unwritten understanding among the three parties in Telangana ahead of the elections. TRS chief had not named his party candidates in the Assembly constituencies where the MIM is strong and has an edge over the rivals. The TRS chief had also not named some candidates where the BJP is strong.

The big surprise for the Telangana voters this time is this unwritten understanding where the BJP and the MIM have some soft corner equally shared by the TRS. This is what Rahul Gandhi had tried to expose and explain in detail. However, it is not clear whether the message had gone to the people at the bottom line.

While the BJP and the MIM are set to fight against each other in the elections making all out efforts to defeat the rival, the two parties are likely to play a low pressured game against the TRS and the TRS too to be soft towards these two parties.

If this is the game, KCR, in all probability, would retain the power with the 2014 number – 63 MLAs – in the 2019 too.

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