Modi had not come to rule the country…

Narendra Modi, as it looks so, had not come to rule the country. He had come to change or wipe out the image or impression of the Congress rule from the minds of the people. This is what he had been doing for the past four years, even at the cost of the nation.

Modi had first closed the Planning Commission replacing it with his own style of NITI Aayog. People of this country have been told and made to study about the Planning Commission that was the creation of the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. That was part of the curriculum for those who go to the schools and colleges. That was also part of the questions for the competitive examinations for all these years. The Planning Commission is just pierced deep into the minds of the people and the very reference to it will take Indians to Jawaharlal Nehru and the Congress governments. Modi had destroyed it, completely removed it from its existence that thus had made people to forget the Planning Commission and the people or the rulers related to it.

The second step he did was pulling country’s first Home Minister, Sardar Patel, out of the Congress and projecting him as patriot, as if the other Congress leaders were not. Though Patel had opposed Hindutva forces ideologue Savarkar, this man, Modi is now attaching Patel to the RSS cadre, only to isolate the Congress, more particularly the Nehru-Gandhi clan.

The third move was the demonetization through which Modi had completely replaced the country’s currency notes that were printed during the Congress governments. He had, over the years, introduced new currency notes, different in size and colour, for the people to forget the Congress with these new notes in their pockets. The country had suffered heavily in this initiative as there is no money. The country’s economy which had been strong, particularly in the rural habitations for all these years, was put to suffer too much and finally crippled. Modi wanted this situation so that people start remembering him and not the Nehru-Gandhi clan of the Congress. To some extent, he succeeded, but the country continues to suffer.

Modi had roped in the country’s leading business family to enter every field, including the defence ministry, which the Congress had never allowed that. While Congress tried to patronise every business family in the country to have a say in the government, and its policy making, Modi had favoured the Ambanis family to dominate the every part of the business in the country and finally the Defence Ministry.

Now, Modi is trying to grab the country’s attention by changing his attire to follow Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. By taking Netaji to the side of the Hindutva forces, Modi is trying to promote his RSS teams as the true patriots of this country.

Thus, Modi is trying wipe out the Congress and trying to rewrite the country’s history eliminating the Congress, projecting the Hindutva forces as the true patriots and rulers. It is to be seen if the people would accept this and allow Modi to rewrite the history with distortions or not.

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