‘Savyasachi’ will have to shut shop

Naga Chaitanya had no hits for quite some time. ‘Yuddham Sharanam’ was utter flop while ‘Sailaja Reddy Alludu’ movie was average. Meanwhile, ‘Savyasachi’ made in the combination of Chaitu and Chandoo Mondeti is heading towards a disaster. Chandoo Mondeti has committed a mistake by not making it as a love story but as an action film, which does not suit him. Moreover, Chaitu is yet to enjoy mass sentiment. ‘Savyasachi’ story is strong but critics feel that because of weak points the film had a different result. Similarly, with Tamil hero Madhavan lacking strong role and the absence of melody in music, the film got negative feedback. It is said that heroine Nidhhi has also a very insignificant role. By the end of this week, ‘Savyasachi’ would have earned only Rs.8 crore. Already shocked over audience rejecting the movie, ‘Savyasachi’ faces another threat in the form of Vijay.

‘Sarkar’ released among high expectations

‘Sarkar’, which is the third movie to be made in the combination of Vijay and Murugadoss had hit the screens yesterday.  ‘Savyasachi’ standing before ‘Sarkar’, which is released amid high expectations and huge craze, is next to impossible. If ‘Savyasachi’ was a hit, it would have somehow withstood ‘Sarkar’. Since ‘Savyasachi’ received negative feedback, it looks sure to be washed away in the storm triggered by ‘Sarkar’. That’s why there have already been comments that ‘Savysachi’ will have to wind it up. Even if ‘Sarkar’ gets negative talk, audience will watch the movie at least once for Murugadoss’ direction. Despite Murugadoss’ ‘Spider’ proving a disaster, there are huge expectations from ‘Sarkar’. That’s why any positive talk about the movie will drown ‘Savysachi’. Already running with negative talk, ‘Savyasachi’ is going to face a huge blow from Murugadoss’ ‘Sarkar’.

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