It’s marriage time in Bollywood

These days, all Bollywood heroines are getting ready to marry. Despite crossing the marriage age, they were unmarried but now they are looking to get married. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer, who were in love for long, are entering into wedlock. Their marriage is taking place on November 14 and 15. Another hot beauty Priyanka Chopra had an affair with Nick, though he is 10 year younger to her. They are also tying the knot. Their affair has been going for long time and they will be finally marrying in December. Priyanka did not like any of the men of her age and decided to marry someone who is younger than her. Similarly, another Bollywood aunty Malaika Arora is going around with Arjun Kapoor.

Arjun Kapoor has everything but he is going around with Malaika, who is already married and has a child nearly of his age. Malaika has separated from Arbaz Khan and is dating with Arjun Kapoor. Currently this couple is subject of hot discussion in Bollywood. There is talk that Arjun Kapoor will soon marry Malaika. Arjun Kapoor is dying for hot aunty Malaika. Sushmita Sen, former Miss Universe, is in love with someone who is 15 years younger to her.

At every party, Sushmita Sen is seen with her boy friend. She is dating model Roman Shawl, who is 15 years younger to her. This rumour was doing rounds for a long time but Sushmita has now confirmed it. Sushmita shared a picture of hers with boy friend on Instagram. “This is original. Myself and Shawl are in love,” she wrote. What these hot aunties have seen in these boys and are falling for them? If this question is set aside, many are unable to understand why these youngsters are dying for hot aunties who are 10 year older to them.

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