Shah fails to impress T voters

Amit Shah Campaigning in Telangana elections

Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah had failed to impress the Telangana voters during his electioneering on the day. He had targeted the ruling Telangana Rastra Samithi not for its failures in governance in the last four years, but for its failure to contain MIM, a muslim-led party in the State.

Amit Shah called MIM a party of Rajakars and dedicated a lion’s share of his campaigning to attack MIM than the TRS. His message was mostly against the MIM and that had consolidated the Muslims against the BJP and in a way had helped the Muslims to stay with MIM together not favouring the Congress or TRS. This would happen in the Assembly constituencies where the MIM is contesting, while the community is said to have decided to vote for the TRS where the MIM is not in the fray.

The BJP chief was expected to carry the success of the Central government and Modi leadership when he campaigned in Telangana. In fact, it was Modi’s image that had helped the BJP to win the 2014 elections hands down. Though that impact was not seen in the Telangana elections last time, it was visible in Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere. The victory of the Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh was partially seen as the result of Modi’s image.

However, this time, the BJP wanted to showcase the Modi’s government success stories but for reasons best known, Amit Shah had limited his attack on the MIM projecting this Hyderabad-based Muslim party as the main rival.

Even in his criticism on the Congress, the BJP chief said that the Congress too is going soft on MIM and both the Congress and the TRS were planning to take the MIM as their partner to form the next government. In a way, Amit Shah had predicted a hung Assembly in the State and either the Congress or the TRS would form the next government only with the MIM support. By making such a statement, Amit Shah had admitted that BJP will not win this election and form the government in the State. The BJP would be playing a minor role in the State politics and thus he had admitted it.

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