Publicity stunt by Kollywood?

2.0 collections

With ‘Baahubali’, Rajamouli tried to win all across the country. As ‘Baahubali’ broke every collection record, all woods started talking about Telugu industry. People in Kollywood enjoyed the movie but felt jealous about it. There the box office collection of this movie was good. The film became a challenge for directors there. In Kollywood Shankar is the only director who makes national level films. That’s why Kollywood people thought of making ‘Robot’ sequel ‘2.0’.

120 crore from advance bookings

This film is being released worldwide. Attempts are being made to take the hype around this film to a level never seen before. This becomes evident with advance booking in Tamil Nadu. Critic Ramesh Bala has tweeted that the film has earned Rs.120 crore in the form of advance booking. This looks unbelievable. The number of theatres in Tamil Nadu is not even half of the theatres in Andhra.

Publicity stunt?

One can understand this from the fact that ‘Sarkar’ movie in Telugu was released in more theatres than in Tamil. No matter how big is the movie, it doesn’t get released in more than 700 theatres. That’s why nobody can understand how this movie has earned this much money in the form of advance booking. Has really the bookings happened at this level? No, say trade experts. They believe it is a publicity stunt.

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