Lagadapati survey points to hung Assembly in TS

Lagadapati Rajgopal Survey

Indian Octopus, Lagadapati Rajagopal, gave hints of his survey in Telangana elections. He said he would give his detailed report on December 7, when the voters in Telangana go back from the polling booths. However, he predicted the victory of 10 Independent candidates in the election.

The run for the 119 member Assembly elections is almost in the last leg with the campaign set to end on December 5 evening. The ruling Telangana Rastra Samithi is leaving no stone unturned to retain the power. The Opposition Congress, which had tied up with the Telugu Desam Party, Telangana Jana Samithi and CPI, too is not resting to wrest the power. The Congress seems firmer in winning this election on the credit of giving the State. The party which could not use the Telangana state creation credit in the last elections, has started its campaign this time on the Statehood issue.

The TRS, which was flying high with a prediction of winning over 100 Assembly seats now dissolved the House. But, from the time of dissolution of the Assembly to now, the TRS graph is seen falling down. On its part, the Congress, which was just having less than 20 seats at the time of the dissolution of the Assembly is now all set to double its numbers. The slogan and sentiments of statehood have done well for the party. The meetings with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi too have turned the situation in its favour.

Now, with the falling image and numbers of the TRS and the increasing popularity and numbers of the Congress, the election had become tough this time. The TRS has the advantage of the MIM, while the Congress has the votes of TDP, Jana Samithi and CPI on its side.

However, Lagadapati’s prediction of 10 Independents winning this election puts the House in indecisive. If that is the case, the TRS and the Congress-led alliance end up winning less than 50 seats and would have to bank on these 10 independents to form the next government. Being in power, it would be easy for the TRS to lay its hands on these independents, while the Congress would have to work its way hard to reach out to these rebels.

With just five days to go for the campaign to conclude, seven days to go for polling and 11 days for counting, the Telangana election has become toughest ever in the recent past

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