Are BJP, MIM allies of TRS?

Telangana Assembly Elections

The Bharatiya Janata Party is going tough in its electioneering in Telangana. Though the party’s chances of winning the election and forming the government are very less, the party’s campaign is more on the Congress-led front. The party is said to be helping the TRS against its bigger enemy – Congress in Telangana.

The sources in the BJP say that their bigger enemy is the Congress and the BJP would do everything to keep the Congress away from power. As there are no chances of the BJP winning Assembly seats outside Hyderabad, the party was asked to back the ruling Telangana Rastra Samithi to see that the Congress is not benefited. Though the BJP leaders are campaigning for the party outside Hyderabad, their focus here is to close the doors for Congress, even if it amounted to helping the TRS.

Interestingly, the BJP’s arch-rival MIM is also following the same strategy. The MIM’s presence is limited to a few pockets in the old city of Hyderabad. There are no chances of the MIM winning any seat outside Hyderabad. However, it has its supporters and sympathisers spread over the State whose vote is also important to checkmate the political rivals. “When you can’t win, see that your bigger enemy is defeated by helping a not-so-dangerous enemy,” is the theory that the MIM is following.

Looking for mutual benefit, the MIM is said to have extended an olive branch to the TRS outside Hyderabad while the TRS is indirectly helping the MIM in the capital. This is what keeps the TRS in advantage, despite the increasing popularity of the Congress.

Some official survey which is doing rounds in the social media says that TRS popularity was dipped by at least 40 seats from the time of the dissolution of the Assembly, while the Congress popularity is up by 40 seats. The TRS was expected to win around 90 seats when the Assembly was dissolved, while the Congress was projected for a little less than 20 seats. But now a fall of 40 seats from TRS and a rise of 40 seats to the Congress keeps the battle tough and it is here the bigger interests of the political parties matter.

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