‘2.0’ future depends on other movies

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Last week that is on November 29, ‘2.0’ was released worldwide and it is racing ahead successfully. By the end of first weekend, the film stayed on. On Saturday and Sunday this movie created wonders. On Sunday alone, the film earned Rs.8 crore in the Telugu states. In four days, it grossed Rs.30 crore.

In Telugu states, the buyers bought this film for Rs.72 crore. That means it has not earned even half of the amount. Since the first week-end was good, trade experts believe that collections will be good this week too. ‘2.0’ has to been steady through the period from Monday to Thursday. Since there are no movies currently to give it a competition, the collections are likely to improve. However, this Friday ‘Kavacham’ movie is scheduled to be released. This film may have an impact. If ‘Kavacham’ gets negative feedback, there will be no threat to ‘2.0’ collections.

Thus this film will easily earn another Rs.20 crore. That means currently 30 and next week 20, a total of Rs.50 crore. There is sufficient time and if it earns more it should not be surprising. Whatever it may be, ‘2.0’ future depends on the films to be released. The reason for its collections slowing down for some time is the lack of many 3D theatres.

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