Is it Jagan-Pawan game to shut TDP shop?

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YSRCP chief Jaganmohan Reddy has declared an open war against Pawan Kalyan. After making sensational comments for the first time on Jana Sena chief’s personal life in East Godavari district, Jagan had not resorted to direct attack on Pawan. Now his latest comments have triggered a huge debate. Political parties have found fault with Jagan’s behavior. Jana Sena activists launched a scathing attack on YS family over the social media. TDP merely found fault with comments on Pawan. Subsequently continuing his padyatra in Visakhapatnam and Vijayanagaram districts, Jagan continued criticizing Pawan. However, Jagan surprisingly went into an attacking mode and went all out against him.

Jana Sena leader during his visit to East Godavari and Anantapur districts was coming down heavily on the leader of opposition. He was slamming the ruling party as well as the opposition. He was spitting fire on Jagan’s attitude. Realising that keeping quiet on Pawan’s remarks will be taken as his weakness, Jagan directly attacked Pawan’s personal life, questioning how a man without values can speak about values and honesty. YSRCP leader said when Renu Desai herself revealed that Pawan despite having second wife married another woman, his fans trolled her over social media. Jagan said he did not even stop this trolling and asked if this is what masculinity means. With these comments, Jagan once again hit the limelight in AP politics.

Due to this exchange of harsh words between Jagan and Pawan in AP politics, TDP’s role has reduce to just namesake. TDP president Chandrababu Naidu is also busy with Telangana polls. As a result of this TDP’s force in AP has slowed down. Currently the game is on between YSRCP and Jana Sena. As the ruling party has no roles, only the goals of these two players are the topic of discussion. Is this a strategy by YSRCP and Jana Sena to change the scene? Their attempts to occupy the top two places on AP political screen are being hotly debated.

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