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NT Rama Rao’s granddaughter.. Harikrishna’s daughter… Chandrababu’s niece… Suhasini. Both the Telugu states are evincing keen interest in Kukatpally constituency. Keeping aside 119 constituencies, an intense debate is on over Kukatpally. People’s Front candidate in Kukatpally Suhasini has become a question mark. If old statistics are taken into account, Suhasini should have a smooth sailing. However, looking at the constituency level situation it does not appear so. Ever since filing of nomination, no change was seen in the situation for Suhasini.

Telugu Desam Party needs Suhasini’s victory. It is the lifeline for party president Chandrababu. If the desired results are not achieved, this will hurt the dignity of Chandrababu. That’s why Chandrababu is conducting vigorous campaigning in Kukatpally. He also roped in Congress president Rahul Gandhi for the campaigning in Kukatpally. Here we need to mention one thing. With Suhasini’s own brothers staying away from campaigning, it has become a topic of discussion. It is being said that there are strong reasons for Junior NTR not turning up for the campaigning.

On the other hand TRS chief K. Chandrashekhar Rao is an ardent fan of NTR. That’s why he is said to have named his son after NTR. Following the death of Harikrishna, KCR and KTR stood by the family and provided 400 square yards of land for building a memorial for him. This is also stated to be the reason for Junior NTR staying away from campaigning. It is said that Junior NTR is not happy with Suhasini, a housewife, for entering into politics without his permission. While this is the situation in the family, Kukatpally is witnessing fast-paced developments.

TDP believes that Kamma community will support it. However, as this community is living here for business, there is view that that they should not make TRS their enemy. Here Kamma votes are just 15,000. TDP leaders are spending sleepless nights over reports that Kapu community which has the large number of voters here will be backing TRS while 22,000 Reddy voters are also inclined towards the pink party. There is suspense as to which party Muslim voters will support. That’s why Chandrababu Naidu is focusing on Kukatpally. Analysts believe that if Kukatpally voters think what will be the use of casting their votes to Suhasini who lack awareness and experience then her victory will be difficult. There are doubts on whether the settlers here will trust the chief minister of a neighbouring state to cast their votes. Overall, Kukatpally constituency has become a centre of attraction in Telangana.

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