It is TRS for Telangana, Congress pays price for pact with TDP

The electioneering is almost done with the voters sealing the fate of the candidates and parties in the Telangana Assembly elections on Friday. The state went for its second election on December 7 with the Congress giving tough fight to the ruling Telangana Rastra Samithi. The Congress had tied-up with the Telugu Desam Party, the Telangana Jana Samithi and the CPI to wrest power. On its part, the TRS had left no stone unturned to retain the power.

The Congress had just two issues on its count to beat the ruling party – the credit for the Statehood and the failures of the TRS government.The credit for statehood was too late for the Congress as four years have gone after the Telangana State was born. The youngest state in the country had seen its own government for four-and-a-half years and the people have realised that their decades’ long struggle was finally successful. There was nothing for the Congress leaders to claim and tell the people. They should have done it in 2014 elections itself but they were, at that point of time, in celebration mood individually and have not given the credit to the party as a whole. They had paid heavy price for the same by losing power.

The second point that the failures of the TRS government too is a common issue for any opposition party to make allegations and the Congress is no exception. People have seen the Congress government too for six decades and they know what is done then. The Congress could have done well if it was not aligned with the TDP, which is still considered as a party of the Andhras, by the majority of the Telangana people. This alliance had cost dearly for the Congress this time, while it is to be seen if it works in the Parliament elections or not. The TRS was in a comfortable position when it had dissolved the Assembly. But the intensified campaign by the Congress with loads of benefits to the voters had given some tough days for the TRS once the campaign started.However, the TRS was too smart to expose the impending threat to the people from the TDP, which is ruling the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. There are several issues to be settled between the two states and the important one is the sharing of river waters and the irrigation projects. The TRS had successfully captured this issue and raised the sentiments of the people to cut the vote size of the Congress-led alliance.

The TRS had thus succeeded and that is what is projected in the exit polls. The TRS which had won 63 Assembly seats in 2014 will certainly retain the number, if one goes by the mood of the voters and the voting pattern. There are no takers for the claims of the TDP-Congress victory except Lagadapati Rajagopal, who still has some business interests with the TDP-led government in Andhra Pradesh.

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