Tension grips ‘2.0’ buyers

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There was a time when film producers were afraid of releasing their films two weeks before and two weeks after the release of a movie starring super star Rajinikanth. However, in the case of recently released ‘2.0’ this situation was not seen. Though the film received a positive feedback, this week four small films are being released in Telugu. Even in Tamil, three movies are in queue. Producers of these films are not afraid to release them but it is the buyers of ‘2.0’ who appear to be scared. ‘2.0’ had a good opening but this is not a film which can become safe with one week running. It has to run minimum two three weeks. Currently this film in Tamil and in Telugu is far away from reaching break-even. So far only 50-60 percent investment has been recovered. Still a lot has to be recovered.

The main reason for dull collections is the 3D screen release of this movie. There are very few 3D theatres in Telugu and Tamil. Now another problem is the films being released this week. Though these are small banner films, if they get positive talk this may affect ‘2.0’ collections. Moreover, if these films are released, the number of screens for ‘2.0’ will come down. In Telugu films like ‘Kavacham’, ‘Subramaniapuram’, ‘Next Enti’ and ‘Subhalekha+lu’are being released this week. If they get some positive feedback it will have some impact on ‘2.0’ collections. As a result, tension has gripped ‘2.0’ buyers.

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